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Interior Design

Let Hadley Rose take your home on an exquisite journey to create an intimate and relaxing sanctuary with some of the finest hand sourced pieces of furniture in the world. Our passion is for harmonious luxury that’s beautifully balanced, taking inspiration from global design which is both elegant and unique.

Aspire to experience far more than the best. Choose Hadley Rose and take interior design to another level.

Bringing your concept to life

We believe in doing things a different way, breath ing life into your own concepts rather than simply giving you our thoughts. We’re here to listen to what you want, with our skilled designers creating the vision you’ve always dreamt of in flawless de-tail.

Interior design that dares to the different, we have reinvented our approach to deliver the most inno-vative and collaborative creations.

Creative decor that you’ll adore

Are you renovating the entire property? Moving into a new home? Or simply redecorating a room in your house? If you want an immersive interior decor design, our talented designers here at Had-ley Rose can help.

Working with you to create a completely unique concept, we can draw on our many years of expe-rience in creating beautiful rooms to deliver something quite extraordinary. With even the tiniest details built into the final design, we have an innate understanding of how every feature fuses to-gether to combine to create a finish which is breathtaking.

Offering you our expertise

When faced with the task of completely redesign-ing a room or even a whole house, the idea can be overwhelming. We have the expertise to help sup-port you with every aspect of interior design, no matter how big or small it is.

We understand how it’s essential to get every small detail just right so the decor flows effortless-ly. Our knowledge of finding the most sought-after furniture in the world allows us to source the per-fect items to bring your vision to life. Working with you to capture your concept, we can offer exper-tise to make the final design perfect.

Be bold with bespoke items

Here at Hadley Rose we don’t just track down some of the most stunning pieces of furniture in the world, we also create our own. If you have a vision, let us help to make your dreams a reality with our flawless bespoke design service.

We love to listen to our customers and creating a bespoke design is the perfect opportunity to ex-press your creativity. From offering colour palettes to individual design features, we can help you to conceive something quite incredible.

Meticulous design

With some of the most skilled and creative crafts-men in the country, we can customise or make be-spoke items which are entirely to your specifica-tions. This is your chance to surround yourself with furniture that is exactly what you want.

We can either customise existing items or design you a made to measure piece which is completely bespoke. Our passion for fine furniture means that every item we create is nothing short of excep-tional. Whatever your personal style, you can trust us to get it exactly right.

Offering you much more

We have an incredible array of accessories to add the finishing touches which are quite simply sublime. Elevating your design beyond simply furniture, the completed concept will be a calming haven of sophistication.

Here on our website we endeavor to offer a flavour of what’s on offer but we have so much more at our disposal. As well as exclusive Hadley Rose products, we have a vast range of hand sourced items including fabric, wallpaper, curtains and cushions. To be truly inspired, get in touch and discover the unsurpassed choice of accessories that you can immerse yourself in.

Curated craftsmanship

Whichever products you choose from Hadley Rose, you’re guaranteed to experience unbelievable craftsmanship. Only the very best furniture and ac-cessories are included in our collection, whether it’s a vintage or contemporary design.

Offering both interior and exterior furniture and accessories, we can help the inside to flow into your outdoor space. A continuous concept which is effortlessly elegant, our complete package of products and design services delivers exactly what you’re looking for with a graceful flourish.


  • Overview of the Process

    After our first consultation with you, we have 5 steps to ensure everything is carried out properly

  • Getting the Concept Together

    At this stage we create mood boards and show you the basic elements of what we’ll be working on with your direction also. We can discuss different colour schemes and any ideas you may have regarding furniture styles.

  • Development

    Here we can create plans for what the finished space will look like. We then can get to work on ordering the fixtures, fittings and furniture for your unique space.

  • Detailing

    The finishes make a project, and in this stage we get to the nitty gritty of things such as el-evation, curtain detailing and small things such as light switches.

  • Construction Stage

    Once we have the drawings back from the architect, we can place orders for the furniture and fittings and ensure that you are happy with the final layout.

  • Installing the Design

    In this final stage, everything comes together and we put everything in its proper place for you to see the final version of your new living space.

Hadley Rose can help

For every aspect of your interior design, Hadley Rose can help. Our unprecedented attention to every tiny detail and global knowledge in sourcing exquisite furniture means we can offer a design that’s truly unique.

For a home that’s as beautiful as you deserve, contact our team on 0207 856 0167 or email us on [email protected]